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Vertimowing services in Perth, WA

What is Vertimowing?

Vertimowing also known as verticutting or dethatching in other parts of the world) is service provided by Mowing Perth , to improve the natural regeneration and resiliency of your lawn grass. This crucial lawn care process is done to prevent thatch from accumulating and damaging your lawn. This method is done by pulling up the dead mass and lateral growth that had accumulated in the turf’s canopy. Gardeners, landscape maintenance providers, and lawn mowing contractors also use this method to control weeds.

Why should I need to have my lawn or turf go through this Vertimowing process? What are the benefits of Vertimowing?

Vertimowing effectively removes thatch build-up. You may not notice it at first glance, but dead roots, stem runners, and blades of grass that were cut and left behind on the turf after mowing can accumulate over time. The accumulated thatch prevents air, water, and important nutrients from being absorbed by the soil and the plant’s roots. In addition, insects and harmful fungi like humid conditions. They burrow in the thatch and would later infest the grass. This humid condition poses a danger to your beautiful lawn.

Vertimowing restores the firmness of the lawn or field. You’ll know it’s time to Verticut when you are already walking on a lawn that is soft and spongy. And no one likes to walk or play on a spongy lawn.

Timely and regular Vertimowing encourages the upright growth of grass and prevents lateral growth in the canopy.

The Vertimowing process also allows your the grass system to be more resilient, allowing it to survive during the summer months or during prolonged dry periods.

Vertimowing is a lawn care process that is ideal for overseeded turfgrass (mix of bermudagrass and ryegrass)–perfect for athletic fields, tennis courts, and football pitches.

Vertimowing is perfect for lawns that are full of unsightly weeds or with lots of bare spots.  

When to Vertimow in WA? And how often should I have it Vertimowed?

Here at Mowing Perth , we recommend that you have your lawn or turf go through the Vertimowing process during spring (the growing season.) This gives you plenty of time to regrow your turf or lawn which will become lush and pretty during summer time.

The frequency and intensity of Vertimowing depend on the types of grasses grown in your lawn or field. You can have the lawn Vertimowed every seven to ten days (even up to two weeks) or 3 to 4 times every year. The ideal temperature for this lawn care service is below 32° C. We can then cut back on the process when the turf experiences longer dry periods and at the end of the growing season.

I’m a do-it-yourself enthusiast. Can I do Vertimowing on my own?

Yes, and you can do it with a rake with tines. But this process will take a long time, and seriously, who wants to do back-breaking work in this heat? (Except for us, of course.) Vertimowing on your own with a rake is definitely out of the question for commercial property owners (golf courses, football pitches, etcetera) just because of the sheer size of the job at hand.

What should be done before and after my lawn goes through the process of Vertimowing?

Simply make sure that the site has enough moisture and the grass has been mowed to normal height before the Vertimowing process.

What kind of machine does Mowing Perth use for Vertimowing?

Our crew at Mowing Perth use a purpose-built commercial machine that quickly and efficiently pulls off thatch without damaging your turf. It has a series of evenly-spaced vertical blades that pull off dead grass, lateral growth, and other debris, allowing oxygen and other nutrients to penetrate the soil and roots.

What kind of properties should go through this lawn improvement service?

If you are a homeowner, it doesn’t matter for us whether your lawn is small, mid-sized or the size of a baseball field (go ahead, impress us)–we do them all. Vertimowing is the best method for taking care of turf on large properties, such as golf greens, bowling greens, tennis courts, parks, hotels, schools, athletic fields, football pitches, and more. So if you’re a business owner or property or field manager, this kind of lawn care is perfect for you.

Our friendly and professional groundsmen at Mowing Perth is committed to providing you with the best lawn care services available, including Vertimowing, fertilisation, aeration, garden service, and Wettasoil. We are available from Monday through Saturday, from 7 AM to 5:30 PM. Give us a call at 08 6186 9466 or drop by our office in Perth so we can discuss how we can serve you today.


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