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Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration Service in Perth. We’re Perth’s #1 Lawn Aerator

Do you want a lawn that the neighbors will envy? At Mowing Perth s, we create beautiful lawns all over Perth and are proud of the work we do. We use the best methods and professional equipment that are guaranteed to give you the most stunning lawn in your neighborhood. One service we provide to create this is our deep core lawn aeration service. The method that we use is the best in the business and is guaranteed to maintain the most pristine lawn when combined with other care methods. The lawn aeration services that we offer are the best in Perth. We use top commercial equipment that carries out a deep core lawn aeration – a method far superior to any typical hire out aeration drum or a pitchfork!

We understand what it takes to make a beautiful lawn. However, if you’re not considered a seasoned gardener yourself, you may be thinking what is lawn aeration and why do I need it?! We have answered a few of our FAQs below to help advise you on the purpose and the benefits of lawn aeration.

(If you’d prefer to skip the questions, scroll straight to the bottom and you can give us a call or request a quote!)

What is deep core lawn aeration and why does it differ from standard lawn aeration?

Standard lawn aeration usually uses a method called ‘spiking’. This can be done with either a rolling spike drum or a pitchfork. The purpose of this method is to push holes through the soil using the spikes from the drum or the pitchfork. This is then supposed to create a channel by which water, oxygen, and nutrients can access the soil. However, because no soil is being removed, this method only moves the compact soil and compacts it further, creating more blockages and defeats the object of aerating in the first place. Spiking can often do more damage to your lawn than good so please do not hesitate in contacting us before you do this.

Deep core lawn aeration boasts a completely different method which really works to increase the health of your lawn. We use deep coring equipment which cuts ‘cores’ or ‘plugs’ out of the compacted soil and thatch. The deep coring removes the plugs giving your lawn more air to breathe and a chance to be nourished. By removing the plugs of soil and thatch, compaction is reduced and a channel is created which allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. This is mandatory for your lawn to remain healthy and looking beautiful.

a perfectly mowed and aerated lawn at a house in perth

Why does my lawn need deep core lawn aeration?

For us to do our jobs and create the most stunning lawns in Perth, the proper maintenance is required. As well as mowing, fertilising and watering, lawn aeration is a key component to a healthy lawn. Each time your lawn is walked on, played on by the children, mowed etc, the soil becomes slightly more compact. The problem with this, is that if left unkept, thatch will build upon the surface of your lawn which can block water, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching the soil. This will eventually lead to an unhealthy and malnourished lawn.

Avoiding lawn aeration to save on costs could be a fatal mistake, if your lawn becomes deprived of the nutrients that it needs to grow, it will become prone to disease and risk dying out. A new lawn will be a lot more pricey than the cost to have it aerated so please don’t risk it! Allow the top lawn aerators in Perth to take care of it for you.

What are the benefits of deep core lawn aeration?

As mowing takes care of your lawn at the surface, deep core lawn aeration takes care of things below the surface. It helps to ensure that the grass receives the conditions and the nourishment that it needs at the root to so that it can grow thick, full and healthily. Deep core lawn aeration has many benefits, such as the following:

  • Soil compaction is reduced
  • Thatch is broken down
  • Roots receive the water, oxygen, and nutrients needed to grow
  • Grassroots become stronger
  • Improved water uptake which makes your grass more tolerant to heat and drought stress.
  • Reduction in water pooling
  • Improved fertilizer uptake
  • Higher resiliency and cushioning
  • Helps with new grass growth – new grass seeds gain more contact with soil

mans hand holding cores from an aerated lawn

How often does my lawn need to be aerated?

How often your lawn in aerated usually depends on these three determining factors:

    1. The soil type of your lawn. Clay soil is easily compacted and should be aerated often. With a sandy lawn, you can often get away with aerating less frequently, although both of these answers are subject to change if we consider the following two factors.
    2. How frequently your lawn is used and what it is used for. Walking, playing and mowing your lawn makes it’s soil become more compact. Therefore, the more you do these things, the more need there will be for your lawn to be aerated. Most residential properties benefit from aeration 2-3 times per year whereas commercial lawns are often considerably more.
    3. The climate that your lawn is in. As we are lawn aerators in Perth and temperatures can get quite hot in summer months, we recommend aerating around two to three times a year to help your lawn retain water and prevent it from reaching drought. It is also advisable to aerate in summer months for greater water penetration resulting in a thicker and healthier lawn.

If you give us a call, upon consultation we will be more than happy to advise on exactly how often your lawn needs to be aerated.

Now that all of your questions are answered, ‘GET A QUOTE’ below and allow Mowing Perth to create one of his signature stunning lawns in Perth, for your home! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, the number is below.


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