Why do we do it?

Lawns become soft and spongy over a period of time mainly due to over watering, over fertilising, returning clippings to the turf (cutting without a catcher), cutting fine lawns with a rotary mower, cutting the lawns too high and not cutting them often enough.

This causes a build-up of thatch (excess stems runners, roots and organic matter such as uncaught cuttings) which prevents the penetration of water and nutrients into the soil.

This thatch must be removed to allow the lawn to set it's roots into the soil rather than into the thatch layer.

When do we do it?

Vertimowing is done any time during the growing season of the lawn. Generally spring time because spring is the start of the growing season and therefore the lawn will regrow very quickly to give you a lush green lawn for the rest of the growing peroid (summer).

What happens if we don't do it?

Lawns never look their best if they are spongy. They will develop dry patches, they will burn and you will never be happy with the finished look.

What happens when it has been done?

The vertimowing process involves the removal of the thatch with the use of a machine which has a series of blades rotating vertically ripping the thatch out of the lawn. During this process, all of the green material is removed from the lawn leaving the area free of all growth.

The roots and runners still remain in the soil and because during the process the soul has been aerated, the lawn will regrow very quickly.

Generally it is covered again within three of four weeks.

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