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If you are looking for quality vertimowing Kewdale recommends that you turn to Mow it Now. Vertimowing is a type of landscaping service that involves removing excess thatch from your lawn. If you have too much thatch in your lawn, you will prevent the water from ever making it to the roots. This can cause your lawn to look less than desirable. Take a look at some of the many benefits that come with vertimowing. You will find that it may be a suitable option for your lawn, especially if you want to enhance the beauty of your home.

The Benefits of Vertimowing Kewdale

Some of the many benefits of vertimowing include:

  • Healthier and better looking lawn
  • Improves water efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Needs less fertilizer
  • Adds more colour
  • Decreases dry spots
  • Gives a smooth and even surface
  • Cuts back on breeding of pests, fungi and other diseases

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits that come along with vertimowing. It may be a great option for you to consider. It can be done any time during lawn growing season, but typically is most effective in the spring.

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