Lawn Mowing Malaga

It’s such a pleasure to walk down a road and see a row of wonderful houses and an equal pleasure if not more to see well manicured and maintained lawns in front of those houses. A badly kept lawn in one or more of the houses can mar this perfectly choreographed vision, which had blended itself so beautifully with nature. Moving Perth keeps just this vision at the forefront of its customer service providing the best reliable efficient and professional Lawn Mowing in Malaga.

Meticulous Work

We take pride in our professional and affordable lawn mowing services, taking care of edges around all driveway borders, trees, paths and any other obstacles. Our prices begin from $ 25 depending on the size of the lawn as well as the type of service that you would require. The lawn mower being a slightly larger piece of machinery, sometimes gets a little difficult to manoeuvre it into tight spots. When we are Mowing in Malaga we make sure we whipper snip in these areas to maintain uniformity. Taking care to clean all clippings as well as clearing off any dirt on the drive ways, patios, paths and decks.

The many benefits that Lawn Mowing in Malaga offers you are:

  • Increases the Oxygen around your home and neighbourhood
  • The house gets a neat clean and tidy appearance
  • Acts as an insulation from the surrounding noise
  • Prevents the top soil from eroding
  • Increases the commercial value of your home
  • Beautifies the neighbourhood
  • Increases hygiene
  • Absorbs rainfall more efficiently
  • Water does not stagnate on evenly well manicured and hydrated lawns
  • Keeps the house cool
  • Creates a safer playing area for children and your pets
  • Everybody stays more cheerful
  • Added incentive for the family to spend more time outdoors

Fortnightly Mowing

We provide professional Lawn Mowing in Malaga to help maintain your lawn in the best condition throughout the growing season, that’s why we strongly recommend that the lawn should be mowed at least twice a month. We weed out all unwanted plants using some of the best products. Part of our service is mulching, because it helps maintain the surface of the soil, as well as the health of the grass, trees and plants on your lawn. Now we do realise that you operate on very busy schedules and look forward to spend your weekends with the family, and you most certainly should; so we suggest you enjoy your lawn by hiring us to take this responsibility off your shoulders.


Moving Perth are specialists in Lawn Mowing in Malaga, offering you customised lawn care and mowing packages

We aim to be flexible and accommodate our service time so as to be able to fit in with your work schedules. Get in touch with us today on 0419 046 523 for additional information or even contact us through our website and we will be happy to get back to you at the earliest.

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